Hi, I’m Tara. I’m a productivity coach who works with busy career women to stop procrastinating, get organized and get their work done.

I’m professional, organized and creative with a dash of spirituality on the side for good measure.

Over the last 12 years I’ve worked on independent entrepreneurial projects incorporating digital commerce, social media marketing, content development, and personal and professional growth through the social web. Before that I was a database designer for the US Department of Defense. My professional projects have won awards and been used to develop patents.

I’m the daughter of a painter and a nuclear-engineer; I studied psychology and information technology; I have a Reiki certification in energy healing; I live in a city that spans two continents and I live a lifestyle between two countries. I understand the function of duality and apply a holistic approach for a whole, integrated life: the hard and soft; masculine and feminine; creative and analytical.

As your coach, I keep you focused, moving forward and flowing through obstacles in order to get your projects completed with accountability and momentum.

I am results-oriented and I use structure tailored to your personality and natural tendencies, so you can focus on the work that needs to be done to complete your project in a way that suits you best.

My clients include women in technology, the arts, foreign policy, politics, linguistics, and academics. I work with them to dream up, create and complete books, films, businesses, papers, works of art and other projects conceived in the heart.

My clients:

  • get published
  • receive book deals
  • win film festival awards
  • get on bestseller lists
  • start businesses and non-profit organizations
  • raise their profile and increase their visibility
  • speak around the globe
  • garner greater attention for their work
  • transform themselves in the process of completing their projects

If your project is stalled, incomplete, or stuck in its tracks, apply for a free discovery session to talk with me about how we can work together to kick start it and get you moving forward.